I love Fino Sherry. My husband jokingly refers to it as my grandmother drink. Last night we hosted a dinner party complete with a cheese course and libations. Cognac, port, Armagna and, Sherry. Despite its greatness (in my humble opinion), Sherry still draws a side-eye.

Like Champagne, true Sherry can only be made in one tiny corner of the world – Andalucía, Spain. Many have tried to replicate its salty aromatic profile, but the winds, humidity, soil and seasons of Andalucía give it a singular character. In Spain, Sherry is savored like a fine whiskey. So, if you love brown spirits, maybe it’s time to give pale beauty a try.

Fino is the driest Sherry. Light in color, with notes of minerality and salinity, and hints of almond, and oak, it is not sweet. In fact, most Sherries are dry.

Served Fino well chilled. It pairs perfectly with fish and seafood, Ibérico ham, or smoked salmon. Anything with tomatoes is a star pairing. Or pair it with the cheese, olives, anchovies, fish or patés.

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