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Entertaining at Home: Inspirations from Celebrated Hosts (September 2019)
By Ronda Carman
Foreword by India Hicks
Photography by Matthew Mead and Michael Hunter

Entertaining at Home presents gatherings in the homes of leading tastemakers from the worlds of interior design, architecture, culinary arts, and society–including Lynn Wyatt, Suzanne Kasler, Julia Reed, Kimberly Schlegel Whitman, Carla McDonald, and Danielle Rollins, among others–who show readers how best to entertain with flair and finesse.

This informative volume presents successful strategies for delighting family and friends that have been developed by experts who entertain with flair. Each offers their personal viewpoint providing behind-the-scenes details that go into creating memorable occasions. They share their approach to arranging flowers, setting the table, selecting menus, stocking the pantry, compiling playlists, and purchasing the perfect hostess gift. Included are a variety of easy-to-master delectable recipes, such as bacon-wrapped pretzels, seafood chowder, spicy gazpacho, and refreshing sangrias.

For a summer social in New Orleans and a lively luncheon in Texas to a lavish winter Smörgåsbord holiday dinner in Washington, D.C., the hosts offer myriad inspirational ideas. Whether it’s an elegant table set with Leontine Linens or Pinot Grigio served in colourful cups and paired with potato chips and caviar, this book is a visual trove of festive get-togethers in beautiful residences. Beautifully photographed, it is the essential go-to entertaining guide.

Designers at Home: Personal Reflections on Stylish Living
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By Ronda Carman
Foreword by Martha Stewart

Designers at Home: Personal Reflections on Stylish Living presents the personal living spaces of fifty distinctive design leaders, including Ashley Hicks, Hutton Wilkinson, Nicky Haslam, Martyn Lawrence Bullard, Kevin Sharkey, Suzanne Rheinstein, Rose Tarlow, Jay Jeffers, Jan Showers, Alex Papachristidis, Madeline Stuart, Colette Van Den Thillart, Malcolm James Kutner, Ken Fulk, Bunny Williams and more. These select dwellings range from chic apartments and luxurious estates, to charming country homes. From the homey historic English hunting lodge of Nicky Haslam and the glamorous Beverly Hills home of Hutton Wilkinson to the serene Sag Harbor retreat of Steven Gambrel, each page is filled with inspiring design, entertaining ideas, and imagery that invites readers to explore the idiosyncrasies of design while infusing their own homes with individual flair.

The book’s conversational tone and practical tips from these experts provide a referential approach to creating a highly personal place. From favorite sheets and pillows, how to create impromptu dinner parties, to the decorative details that bring a room to life, each designer’s meaningful advice will inspire one to thoughtfully consider their own distinctive home.

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