Having taken the social-media world by storm with his one-minute, how-to-make recipe videos, MOB Kitchen founder Ben Lebus is back with his second book, MOB Veggie: Big Flavors on a Small Budget. This book is perfect for the vegetarian cook on a budget or anyone who wants to east less meat.

Stuffed with delicious, easy, and accessible dishes that absolutely anyone can cook, the aim is feeding four people on a limited budget. Featuring delicious recipes such as Miso-Glazed Sticky Eggplants with Sesame Rice, Sweet Potato Gnocchi, and Jack-fruit Curry. MOB Veggie contains all the inspiration needed to make budget meals to impress friends and family.

Every MOB Kitchen recipe is affordable, healthy, delicious, beautiful, and easy to make. Unlike most budget-cooking sites, MOB Kitchen doesn’t make any absurd assumptions about what you have in your kitchen cupboard. All that is expected is to have salt, pepper, olive oil, and a small budget, nothing more. Each recipe also comes with a recommended soundtrack that can be scanned and played through Spotify. So get the music started and get cooking!

RULES: I will feature a Rizzoli book over the next 7 days. At the end of 7 days we will giveaway the books to a lucky winner! Simply leave a comment. It could be why you would love to have these books, or what you are reading right now to ease your mind. You can comment each day, and I hope you do, let’s all stay connected. And share with the link with a friend.

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