A wise friend, who is living in Italy and quarantined, made this observation, “There are things that I have control over right now. I can make a beautiful dinner and set a pretty table.” I decided to take her advice. So, this weekend I planted my vegetable garden and swam frequently. I have also been thinking about creative ways to cook wisely.

I have been writing too, it is my form of therapy. I decided to share my thoughts each day on my blog. Maybe we can all come together to share thoughts, recipes, book suggestions, binge watching notes, or offer words of hope and wisdom.

Admittedly, I am a news junkie, but it is not good for my mental health right now. I do want to stay informed, and I am not tuning out, but I need to do other things. I will be sharing photos on my Instagram page, and trading strategies for pantry cooking on my Facebook page (join the group here).

What things are you doing? Leave a comment and let me know.

Photo of Bettie Pardee’s garden by Matthew Mead for my book, Entertaining at Home

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